Saturday, July 18, 2009

Monogamy: Is it real?

Ok most of you know that im a stylist/hair dresser as well as many other things. But anyway i was sitting in the shop and i happened to pick up a magazine that featured an article on 25 black men and the reasons they cheat. The article also referred to black doctors or psychologists, men and women, who gave opinions on why men cheat. Most of their responses were the same, humans are still animals, and animals are not designed to be faithful.  Another reason given, was religion and history, and how other cultures and/or religious groups practice polygamy. I remember a guy in college stating that even the Bible says a man can have as many wives as he can take care of. Then the infamous story arose of King Solomon who had many wives. But doesn't that contradict with the Christian way of living when it comes to being monogamist?

Should we be making judgements about monogamy based on our religion? Or is it even fair ground to play on when in society we are so diverse in our beliefs? Who's to say that the men who cheat aren't the right ones?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No More Locs :(

Ok so since this is my first blog im going to dedicate it to my infamous locs. I spell it locs instead of locks because it just looks prettier that way. I jsut recently cut them, because i felt like i was in a time in my life where i needed to change and i felt like i grew out of them. Which i never thought possible, but like many people when you want to feel different you usually express your change in your hair; so i guess thats what happened. I made it such i big deal, i decided not to tell anyone as i was cutting them off at fove o clock in the morning. I didnt want anyone to change my mind or make me feel bad.

But my question to you is u think that the modeling industry is ready for the natural black? As most of you know i am a model, an aspiring model, so my foot is not quite in the door. I met people who loved them, and people who hated them. (in the industry). The ones who hated them never really came out and said it, but i could tell. When i say natural black i dont mean the african women, with no hair (practically bald all the time), who designers just throw on the runway to appease our thirst for black models on the catwalk. Im talking about your everyday black girl, hips, butt, legs, lips, oh and natural hair texture (afros, cornrolls, flatwists, goddess braids, locs!!!). Truthfully, i dont think so. But shouldnt we be considered in the fashion world???