Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forever Mine.

Ok, most of you know i was in a motorcycle accident, yes, i was on my own motorcycle. It happened the 20th of September, i left the 30th. I ended the hospital stay prematurely because if i missed any more school after that week i would have been dropped from the rosters and i would have had to postpone getting my license. Long story short i was cut off the driver decided to make a left hand turn, with no indicator. I, of course had the right of way and did not anticipate the turn, especially with no blinker. We hit head on i flipped in th air and landed on his windshield. As i am holding on to the hood of the car, it is still rolling, hitting the curb causing me to lose what little grip i had, and hit the ground. The car would have ran me over but was stopped by a pole. I broke my leg and fractured my pelvis in the front and back, a hair line away from my spine. Anyway this is my video. Hope you enjoy! God bless

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