Monday, July 26, 2010


Is the response i used to an email i recieved from a "JOHN LARRY" from "FHM".

BOLOGNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is made specifically for my models, and aspiring models.

There are posers, imposters, theives, and just bad people all over the net; who will use your dream as a weakness against you.

Im gonna give you some tips on how to spot em >>>>>>>

1) Never pay for anything ! No websites ! No credit card numbers ! No money orders !

When i say websites i mean online modeling agencies who claim they have clients to look at their site. Please ! You want someone to see you, go to agencies in your area ! And even then dont pay anything, because they usually have photographers they make deals with, when they tell you we will work with you but you have to pay this or that to shoot with our photographer...he/she is this or that...."the bomb like tick tick. " WRONGO !!

2) Dont give out information. You may not have money to steal, but you got somtething else. An identity ! Identity theft gets worst and worst every year.

3) Be aware when they use BIG NAMES. Example above: FHM . Do you really think someone from FHM saw your profile on MYSPACE ? I dont think so.

4) Chances are if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isnt.

5) When ever in dounbt, just go to GOOGLE ! My best friend. Thats what i do. And sure enough other aspiring models have ran into your "JOHN DOE" !

Good luck out there!

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