Sunday, July 11, 2010



i dont think we care enough, about each other..

our community is th only community that does not stick together..

look at jews in bk, look at arabs in alb

we do not stick together, we are in america ["now" our home] and yet other ppl frm different countries can come here and still rise above us

every other race looks down at us, we look down on each other, we still segregate amongt ourselves, who's light skin? who's darksin? who's

mixed? who's better than who ?

& while we are doin that the whole world is lafin at us..

we care about who has the best car in th many of us own houses ?

th world is huge, and we dont own a piece of it

america was build on our backs, we dont fight for our "40 acres & a mule" ??

we settle, we are content, we focus on th now for ourselves..we are selfish. wut do we have to give to th next generation? wut about th next

generation in your family? what can you give them ? what can you put in your will ?

where's our companies ? look at our neighborhoods . . nothing is run by you know we are exploited by every other race ?

do you know almost all beauty products target the black community ??

relaxers, bleaching cream, weaves,

these beauty stores are ran by ppl who are taught how to target the black community..what we are insecure about in ourselves, what they

can sell to us..they get rich off of us !! off of our nickel and dime, and everyone #banks but us

its disgusting, in fact its retarted...we go off and fight in wars just like everybdy else..we pay taxes just like everybody else, we

consume just as much, and if not more as anybody else, and we are not respected..

#fashionindustry we buy just as well as anybody else, yet there's only a one black girl they'll put on th runway at a time..

dont want to frighten th crowd with your blackness do we ?

can take too much of it as once..smh

we are goin to need more than a black president to change things around..everybody needs to help, or we just going to continue to get played

and in which case these tweets dont mean anything, you probabl wont even read them, ill go about my day, ull go about yours and 2maro

this will be the last thing from our minds, until it happens again, when we whine for a lil while, and cry for just a lil while, and the

cycle continues..

excuse my babblin...i just speakn frm th not powerful, but wen i have something, or own something, im going to try to change smthn

even if it starts with a retweet.. #OSCARGRANT


**it seems as though we can never win, and if we do not come together and be for real, then we might just never**


"No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent. - thanks 666posionivy666


  1. The Jewish communities in Brooklyn have their own Police. {look at jews in bk, look at arabs in alb}

  2. So many people can come across your tweets, nod, and still live the same. It's all about the mentality of an individual that will cause them to take a role in diminishing injustice.